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Second Hand Paragon Books

The following books are sold to you in good faith in "as is" condition.  Second hand Paragon books are paperback editions and subject to wear and tear over the years.  All books are complete with readable and useable pages.  They are second hand and like most old books they may be stained, torn and worn, have a musty smell or writing in them.  The prices range between $2 and $4 depending on condition, which we have attempted to specify by the following codes which appear after the book code.

Following is a rough guide to book condition:-

A – good second hand condition.

B – fair second hand condition and may have bent pages / binder holes / stickers / stains.

C – as for B but has missing pages, but photocopy of missing pages supplied.

D – poor condition, well worn, pages may be taped / torn / missing (photocopy supplied) but all the information is there.